Our Mission

@ The OutProud Group

At The OutProud Group, our aim is to connect LGBTQ+ teens from all over the world in a single safe and friendly online social space, called The OutProud Network.

In the future, we aim to be an international hub of information for LGBTQ+ teenagers and young adults around the world, regarding advicing on coming out and growing up LGBT+, and contact information for other LGBTQ+ charities around the world, as well as a single place to find out about LGBTQ+ clubs and events organised by third-parties around the world.

After the completion and launch of The OutProud Network, we will begin growing our database of contact information for the many independant LGBTQ+ charities and support agencies, as well as LGBTQ+ clubs and events, around the world for public access on our website and the OutProud Network app.


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